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It is our pleasure to offer you a glimpse of what South Africa’s most exciting real estate group is all about. Welcome to Leapfrog Property Group, the fresh new approach to Real Estate. We offer a fresh and innovative approach to buying, selling, renting and property investments, ensuring the best property deals for clients across South Africa. Armed with our combined credentials and backed by serious financial resources, we are set to shake-up the predominantly family-owned real estate agency industry in South Africa.

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At Leapfrog, we stand by the old saying that “you’re only as strong as your weakest link”. We believe this adage so much so that we’re determined to establish a network of business partners that are strong enough to not only challenge other players in the market, but to also dominate in each area of operation.
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Changing the world one molar at a time
It’s one of the first, most basic lessons we teach our children; how to brush your teeth and wash your hands. Unfortunately millions of children across South Africa don’t have access to a toothbrush, toothpaste or soap. The Dental Wellness Trust has conducted research indicating that 80% of children in townships suffer from tooth decay which leads to a lot of missed school due to toothache while germs spread through a lack of soap and knowledge.
Join with Leapfrog and make a difference