The standard of work in real estate has changed dramatically and the traditional view of the real estate industry is under the spotlight. With few barriers to entry, too many agents with little or no training have lowered the respect levels of our industry with unprofessional, sloppy service to their customers. These individuals donít add value to the company they are a part of in any way. Of course it works both ways and agents, even the great ones, have had little or no reward or incentive to be loyal to a company. They’ve relied on month-to-month sales without long-term future building.

This is where Leapfrog comes in. Led by some of the most prominent names in the industry, Leapfrog is the response to an industry in need of reworking to everyone’s benefit.

Leapfrog offers prospective agents the following enticing benefits:

  • Wealth creation and shares for all those who work for Leapfrog in the medium- and long-term. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, not employees with jobs.
  • Integrity, honesty and realism in doing business. We’re building a company that excites our clients and is exciting to be part of.
  • A new way of seeing your future - one with remuneration and rewards.
  • An enriching, learning and supportive experience for all.
  • A responsible approach. This applies to clients, representatives and to the environment.
Careers in property are gratifying and rewarding to those with a strong personal drive and the desire to succeed. Work as a real estate professional is personally rewarding, ever-changing and challenging. Take some time and consider your potential in the field of real estate with one of South Africa’s most progressive real estate groups. Contact us today to find out about the exciting real estate careers available at Leapfrog.
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Leapfrog Property Group is looking for a full time resident estate agent in your neighbourhood. If you’re planning to change your career or have previous real estate experience we would like to hear from you.
It's not sometimes about the people, it's ONLY
about the People.
Bruce Swain, CEO