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When on vacation, we tend to explore and enjoy all that our holiday destination has to offer and consequently, we often get to know these “exotic” places quite personally. In contrast, when at home, we are much more business-as-usual focused and we seldom see our own location through the same eager eyes as a holidaymaker. The two different types of residing can almost be compared to a new relationship versus an aged marriage. In the former, the fresh sweethearts still experience the thrill of getting to know somebody unfamiliar whereas the old spouses may be very comfortable with each other, but have most probably lost their spark.

Don’t you think it would be exciting to start “dating” your place of residence and maybe fall in love with… well, practically your own backyard?! Like in a courtship, exploring your surroundings is both about seeing what the other partner has to offer and giving generously of yourself.

Be intrigued by what your setting brings to the table

What assets are around your address?

Treat your town like a tourist would. Gather information from the Internet, travel magazines, the local tourism bureau and other sightseer sources about all the noteworthy or fun places in your vicinity. Maybe there are nature spots, restaurants, recreational facilities or historical sites you did not even know existed! Take notes and visit at least one a month – make sure it will happen by diarising dates and inviting others along. Make a point of not going to your regular hangout hubs for a while, but rather discovering new territory.

In this way, you might also get to know the dodgy end of the district – but has there ever been a perfect partner? Our flaws often make us more fun!

Listen to the memoirs

Do you know the story behind all the iconic landmarks or buildings in your city? Do you know when and why it was founded? Heck, do you even know why it is named the way it is? Learn about the history of your home base – maybe there's a museum you have never visited (or have done so long ago as a bored-to-death child on a school outing) to help out with this. Otherwise, tourist literature or a city tour could also be helpful.

What better way to come to know somebody you are interested in than through the story of her life!?  

Endeavour to explore more

When you are in love, you find all kinds of excuses to spend more time with the object of your affection. Deal with your city in the same way! Do the things you normally make time for while also “spending more time with your location” by including an element of exploration – take your kids to a different play park, try shopping at another centre than usual or meet up with friends at interesting spots rather than at home.

Now for your turn to woo your whereabouts

Volunteering around your local living space is the chocolates and roses of “hometown dating”. Get involved! Gather information from local newspapers, the Internet, churches or the municipality on where and how you could serve. Soup kitchens, old age homes, youth projects and nature conservation organisations are all good examples, but the list of opportunities is probably endless. Not only will you become better acquainted with your community and some of its people, but you will also be actively contributing to making it a place that is much more attractive to fall in love with.

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