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When it comes to selling your property it’s important to put your best foot forward. But that’s often easier said than done. “Selling a property is an inconvenient process,” sympathises Sharon Mattison, Property Consultant at Leapfrog Richards Bay. “Your house becomes exposed for what it really is and then people are walking through making comments on your treasured memories.”

Yet it is in the interest of all parties to enhance the experience and make it as pleasant as possible for the seller, and as appealing as possible for the buyer.

As such, Mattison shares six things that distract buyers and advises how sellers can manage the distraction:


It can be extremely off putting if the first thing somebody experiences when they walk into a property is a barking dog or an overwhelming little yapper at their feet, says Mattison. “Where possible, lock your pets away so the buyer can view the space without distraction or irritation.”


The seller might think that they’re convincing the potential buyer of the property’s merits, but it is generally just awkward – for both. Allow your trusted property professional to do the work. “The agent knows his client so you promoting certain features of your home may be completely irrelevant to what the buyer is looking for. Best practice is for the seller to step away and allow the agent to do his or her job,” Mattison advises.


This is simple and should be somewhat obvious, but make sure the space is neat and tidy when potential buyers are coming to view it. “It is very difficult to gauge the full potential of a property when you are squeezing past stuff, having to look past dirty dishes and tripping over animals,” Mattison says. A house that is neat and clean just naturally appeals more to a buyer.


Scent is one of our most dominant senses. As such, we all have different tolerance levels to certain smells so be aware of this when inviting potential buyers in to view a property. “Pungent odours can force buyers to rush through the house just so they can get back into fresh air,” Mattison cautions. If you want to engage a buyer’s senses rather get a pot of coffee on the boil or bake up those vanilla cookies!


People are generally drawn to light and airy spaces, which is why almost no one wants to talk into a drab and dark house. “It’s as simple as opening the curtains and blinds when you have a viewing. This allows the natural light to filter through and for fresh air to circulate,” Mattison suggests. The buyer also gets a better view of the exterior from the open windows.


When a potential buyer looks at your property they want to dream about what they can change to make it their own. If the first thing he is going to have to spend his money on is basic maintenance then his budget for dreaming is smashed! “Who wants to spend money on a leaking roof, when you were hoping to fit a new kitchen? Maintenance is ongoing and must be attended to,” Mattison comments.

At the end of the (show!) day it’s about making the property as appealing to the potential buyer as possible. Property purchases are largely driven by emotion, which is where things like order and a nice smell can tip somebody one way or another.

Author: Leapfrog Property Group

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