Spring into action: Get your garden into shape

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The buds are about to bloom, the sun rises earlier and we’re all full of the joys of spring!

A new season, particularly one that signals the start of our glorious summer, is the ideal time to harness the fervour and energy associated with this time of year and put it to good use in the garden.

“A home spring clean is always on everybody’s agenda at this time of year, but your garden needs and wants the love too,” says Petra van Asch, Principal at Leapfrog Bloubergstrand/Melkbosstrand.

Regular garden maintenance and updates is an essential part of a healthy, flourishing garden. And with the warmer weather it’s rather a pleasure to be outside and get your hands dirty. “We all know that first impressions matter, which is why the state of a garden is such an important part of what makes a property appealing,” Van Asch reckons. A garden that’s neat, colourful and inviting immediately makes an impression on potential buyers, and adds significant value to your property.

With our easy spring to-do list any garden can look great!

Consider the condition of the garden

First things first means taking the time to assess the state of your garden after the winter. Take a stroll around the garden and take note of which plants have survived the cold and which haven’t. See which areas need to be cleaned, filled or spruced up, or which parts you’d like to try something new in. “It’s a good idea to jot this all down as it becomes useful to refer to these notes when planning what to do next and also in which order you need to prioritise garden maintenance for the next season,” says Van Asch.

Clean out the garden

Once you know what needs to be done, the next step is cleaning and clearing. This includes everything from raking up leaves, trimming trees, shrubs and bushes to cleaning garden pots and accessories. “Starting from a clean slate makes things much easier and also allows more room to be creative in the garden,” Van Asch advises.

Revitalise the soil

Soil is the lifeblood of your garden, which is why good soil is essential for a flourishing garden. After the winter it is likely to be low on nutrients. Assess the condition of the soil by conducting a soil test. This will also help you determine which nutrients are missing from the soil. Where possible, opt for natural and organic fertilisers and use grass clipping as compost and/or mulch, as this can help to promote the natural equilibrium of the soil, as well as improve water drainage.

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Once the groundwork has been done, the fun starts. Spend some time deciding what you are going to plant and where you are going to plant it. “Pay attention to the sunlight particular areas get, as some plants love the sun and others shy away from it,” Van Asch recommends. Think about the layout in terms of the form and colour of the plants and their flowers. Just like an interior, a garden needs to have a sense of story, style and symmetry.

Water wise

Last but not least, opt for water-wise plants as far as possible. While water restrictions are limited to certain provinces, South Africa overall is a dry country. “Certains plants just do better in our climate than others. Indigenous plants will always do better because they are at home here,” says Van Asch.

And we all know home is where the heart is. And where the garden blooms!

Author: Leapfrog Property Group

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