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We recently had a chat with Leapfrog’s Franchise Sales & Development Manager, Brenda Lange to find out what the Move On Move Up journey has been like since joining the Group on 1 October 2017.

From Tourism to Property

Brenda decided to study and pursue a career in Tourism due to her love for travelling. After a year of being in reservations at a small firm, she landed her dream job at CC Africa, an internationally recognised safari operating company. During her time here, she worked in various departments and then managed a team, which yielded occupancies at all the lodges. This put her in the privileged position of seeing and experiencing most of the 5-star luxury lodges in Africa.

After starting a family, she was looking for a career where she could be more flexible with her time, which brought about the opportunity to sell merchant services. This is where she discovered her passion for hard sales and the ability to shadow her prospects, which also eventually lead to her position at Private Property. Here she made good use of her marketing background and also worked with attorneys, which has given her great insight into the legalities of the property market and the opportunity to build a healthy database of investors and partners within the industry.

Why did you decide to ‘Move On and Move Up’ with Leapfrog? 

‘’I am always keen on allowing myself to further my career and stretching my knowledge. Learning more about business acumen and the procedures of franchising, working with professionals and adding value to their career and/or making their dreams coming true in the property sector is a great motivator for me.’’

What does your role as Franchise Sales & Development Consultant entail exactly, and how do you execute your mandate?

‘’I approach investors and agents, recruiting the possibilities of putting a team together with a strong-headed Franchisee.

My approach is to shadow my prospects to determine what their requirements are and establish if/when they are the right fit for the brand, and if they have the capabilities and funds to start up a branch. Since each case scenario has its own merits, I allow them to advise me what will work for them and we consider their position from this angle.’’ 

Why does this role excite you?

‘’I deal with so many different people on all different levels. I love ensuring they are successful and to provide the respective resources for them. At the same time, learning various business acumen is something that really excites me.’’

What is your (and Leapfrog’s) goals in terms of Franchise development within the foreseeable future?

‘’We have established that allowing the prospective Franchisee a process that suits them and working around this during the inception phase, will ultimately lend itself to the success of their franchise. Recruitment of principles and agents being the strongest factor that each Franchisee requires before committing themselves. We consolidate both aspects and offer a turnkey package to start off with, making it more exciting and sustainable in the long-term.’’

What are some of the benefits of owning a Franchise within the Leapfrog Property Group and what is the qualifying criteria?

‘’The benefits include the FORME Share Scheme and the Referral Incentive, which offers an income annuity to the agents and also the fact that each Franchisee can decide on their own operational matters and what works for them in terms thereof. The colour lures the prospect as well. Each investor I’ve had an appointment with have commented about this. It’s an attractive brand to be reckoned with.’’

What do you love about Leapfrog?

‘’The brand is well respected amongst all and known for its modest and fresh approaches. I also enjoy working with Bruce Swain (CEO) and his hands-on approach to making things work for all involved.’’ 

Move On Move Up with Leapfrog Property Group

To learn more about lucrative franchise opportunities and Leapfrog’s unique FORME Share Scheme, contact Brenda Lange (Franchise Development & Sales) today.

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