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dAdmit is, every homeowner wants guests to walk into their home and go "wow, nice home!". Often, what gives a home that "wow" factor is the look and feel of the interior. "We're not necessarily talking high-end, glossy magazine style interiors, but rather spaces that have been arranged and designed with thoughtfulness, flair and to reflect the character and preferences of those who call it home,"

The personal touch is what makes a space a special one, but where to start? "I'm not creative and know nothing about interior design" is a refrain that is often heard.

Luckily there's inspiration and ideas everywhere - literally a few mouse taps aways! Interior design blogs are a great place to find an endless source of ideas and inspiration, from industry experts and fellow homeowners alike.

"What's more, properties with considered interiors tend to fetch a higher price on the market because it creates a sense of desire - potential buyers can imagine themselves living there," XX explains. And it's easier than one thinks, thanks to a smorgasbord of local design and decor blogs filled with easy DIY ideas, trends news and advice of how to enhance the look without extending your mortgage!

Here are the Leapfrog team's favourite local design blogs. Viva le inspiration!

Design Monarchy

At Design Monarchy, interior inspiration reigns supreme! From moodboard to makeovers, shopping guides to styling tips, there's something for every style.

Their blog posts include an interesting array of topics such as Decorating Dictionary, DIY, Furniture & Décor, Interior Inspiration, Interviews & Features, Musings & Advice, Our Work, Quick Tips, Spaces & Places, and Trends.

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The Home Studio

The Home Studio was started by Karen Steyn, an interior designer who has worked across the world on projects ranging from hotels and cruise liners (and even an ambassadorial space for the Prince of Monaco!) to smaller city apartments where she ensures style doesn't suffer due to a lack of space. It's no surprise then that her blog is a feast of stunning home renovations, interior makeovers, styling tips and real-life interpretation of the hottest trends.

We also love the real home tours and the advice on those nagging design dilemmas is particularly useful.

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Homeology Home Décor and Design

Germarie Bruwer started this blog five years ago because she truly believed that anyone can have a beautiful home. With the help of various contributors and collaborations this fresh and exciting blog is about everything HOME - how you live in it and how you make it yours, with easy tips, tricks, advice and plenty of inspiration, including home tours. The aim is to inspire and empower others to create their ultimate home in a way that matches their personal style, preferences and budget.

What's more Homeology also has some interesting free interior design guides and resources to help make your home blog-worthy.

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Marcia Loves It

If Marcia loves it, you can be sure it's great. Marcia Margolius, a stalwart of the local interior design and decor industry, knows her trends from her trash, and shares her some of the hottest interior styles, products and ideas on her blog (kind warning: there is so much on her site you'll be drooling for days!).

Marcia makes it her mission to hunt down and dig for any and all sources of inspiration, be it in Johannesburg in January, Germany in February, Switzerland in March, Paris in September or creative Cape Town every other day! It's no wonder then she has over 40 000 followers all eagerly awaiting her next fantastic design or design tips.

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More than an interior design blog, though there is plenty of that too, Designist is an online interior design service. Their goal is to help people make their homes more harmonious by connecting them to decor and design professionals that understand their needs, style and budget. And it's super convenient - simply visit their site, take the fun and interactive style quiz, and they'll match you to an interior designer that will guide and advise you on bringing your interior design dreams to life! The best part, there are packages to suit even the most conservative budget.

See for yourself -->

With so many great tips, guides, advice, ideas and inspiration out there, there's no excuse for turning your house into a showpiece that reflects the style and preferences of those who call it home.

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