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Kim and her husband, Terence, are the principals of Leapfrog Durban Central and work together as a close-knit team, complementing each other - she with 18 years' experience in real estate, and he bringing 40 years of photographic, marketing and advertising know-how to the mix. Value-add being their definitive style!

They were the first to offer professional photography in their area, as well as the first to utilise the advantages of video and social media marketing. They feel that their solid real estate knowledge, coupled with excellent marketing skills, makes them a winning team for their clients! 

A recipe of success

Kim has one rule about success and that is to roll up your sleeves and get into canvassing, and then canvass some more! Her advice burns off hard work including learning the basics well, to read your Code of Conduct and stick to it. Ethics are key, as are tenacity, determination and focus.

While the current socio-economic and political issues can present a challenge to the industry, Kim reiterates that one needs a positive approach, an agile mind and a nose for timing. In her opinion, there is little room for error. As she says: "One needs to know when to strike while the iron is hot - which is usually two weeks from the launch date of the property into the market."

Durban's the place to be

For this dynamic duo, Durban offers so much in the way of great real estate! It has the  warm Indian Ocean, golden beaches, favourable all-year-round weather, and it's just a short drive from the mountains and the bush. Tourist-related industries are ever-growing, which are helping to create better growth for the property market.

Durban is becoming a hub of vibrant activity, with such developments as the Urban Lime regeneration project in Florida Road, revamp of beautiful colonial buildings, new restaurants, boutique hotels and chic retail outlets. Kim believes it's an exciting time to be negotiating sales, marketing properties and adding to the energy of a truly forward-moving business!

Inspirational quote: "Perseverance is the only currency."

Author: Leapfrog Property Group

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