Melkbosstrand: Paradise within View of Cape Town

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Thirty-five kilometres outside of Cape Town lays a coastal village by the name of Melkbosstrand. Close enough to the city for a daily commute the area offers residents the best of both worlds; a seven kilometre stretch of white beach and the proximity of the West Coast National Park whilst still being close to all that the Mother City has to offer.  

For many Melkbosstrand is also on the doorstep of the West Coast with quaint fishing villages like Paternoster within easy travelling distance. While more developed, in part due to the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, the area has managed to retain its small town charm.

The Property Business in Melkbosstrand

Over 58% of the properties available in Melkbosstrand are freeholds but there are also a number of homes available in the Atlantic Beach Golf Estate as well as various sectional title properties for those who desire something smaller.

The average income for home owners in the area ranges between R43,000 and R51,000 with just over 3000 adults living there. Most of the recent buyers are between the ages of 36 and 49 whilst the majority of sellers are over 65 years old and likely looking to scale down.

According to Lightsone most freeholds are selling for R1.6 million while sectional title property prices are around R797, 000. Both freehold and sectional title properties have shown a steady increase in value this year increasing by R475, 000 and R215, 000 respectively since 2012.

The Local Property Market Is Picking Up

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in interest from buyers over the past few months”, says Petra van Asch, Manager of Leapfrog Melkbosstrand, “especially from people who are eager to enjoy the area’s unspoilt beaches and pristine ecosystem while still needing access to their jobs in town and good schools for their children”.

“The past few years have been tough for the property market, especially for the smaller coastal towns like Melkbosstrand. If you look at Lightstone’s average house prices from 2007 to 2009 you’ll see a dramatic fall from R1, 558 million for a freehold property to R918, 000 two years later. Things are looking much better in 2013 and we’re extremely positive as we near towards the latter end of the year”, says van Asch.

Bruce Swain, MD of Leapfrog Property Group believes that the desirability of the area has certainly contributed to the Melkbosstrand franchise’s success, despite the difficult times.  “The team in Melkbosstrand is small but, notwithstanding the size of the office or the fact that they’re operating in a smaller, coastal town, their sales figures have been good. I believe that’s due, in part at least, to the excellent service they deliver”, says Swain.

Author: Leapfrog Property Group

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