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There are certain things that one just shouldn't attempt to manage yourself. Most of us don't cut our own hair, service our own cars or build our own furniture, unless of course one is qualified to do that. "And while that's not to say that one couldn't do, but it becomes a question of time, money and expertise, and whether it is in fact worth doing it yourself," says Bruce Swain, CEO at Leapfrog Property Group. This is an argument that could easily be applied to the work of a property agent.

Here's why, while you may be able to sell a property yourself, you're certainly better off relying on the expertise of a trusted property advisor to guide you through a transaction of this nature.

Time matters

When it comes to selling a property the goal is almost always to move it as quickly as possible. This is what agents do every day, which means they are able to work faster and more efficiently because they know the systems, the processes and the industry. If you're doing it yourself it may well be the first and only time you do, and you're unlikely to have the contacts, know-how and negotiation skills to sell your property as the best price in the shortest amount of time.

"People forget that selling a property is about more than listing it online and waiting for potential buyers to flock to you. It requires active marketing, not to mention the documentation, viewing appointment, negotiations and reams of paperwork," Swain explains.

Money matters

The main reason people even consider selling their own property is to "save" on agent commission. "What is often overlooked is that a trusted property advisor is likely to increase the profit for you, simply because they are well versed in negotiating a good property deal," Swain explains.

Property professionals have access to the resources, such as market insights and data, to ensure that helps them price a property properly, which in turn helps to secure the best deal for the seller. "Because of their negotiation skills, property agents are also unlikely to leave money on the table, which ultimately benefits the seller," Swain adds.

Expertise matter

Selling a property comes with a lot of paperwork. "Property transactions have complex and far-reaching legal and financial implications, which means there is lots of paperwork. It's the kind of paperwork that property agents are most adepts at dealing with, because it is a core part of their job and part of their job is to guide sellers through it as efficiently as possible," Swain shares.

"A mistake or oversight on a signed property related document on a contract could cost you thousands of Rands in the long run, which is another reason why it is better to have an expert by your side," Swain notes.

Peace of mind matters

It is always in the property agent's best interest to succeed because only if the client is successful does the agent succeed - and get paid. "Client service and satisfaction is key to what we do, which is why we're always committed to ensuring the highest possible returns for our clients," Swain concludes.

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